The Affiliate Ad Network helps brands and affiliates build, test, and improve ad performance. Create relevant ads for consumers and increase conversions by integrating analytics across your entire affiliate network. Take your affiliate program to the next level.

Analytics for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

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Analytics Built For Affiliate Campaigns

Access to data

The Affiliate Ad Network collects data at the campaign and ad leveljust like Google, Facebook, and other ad platforms—meaning advertisers can uncover key insights about ad, product, and customer segments.

Those insights can be shared with publishers to improve clicks and conversions.

Across all affiliates

This data can show top-performing publishers so that advertisers can work more closely with them and/or share what is making them successful with other publishers to improve the program.

Impression level data

Our analytics tool has impression-level data that other tools don't have or barely have. If you don't know what's being seen, you can't judge efficacy.



"56% of brands surveyed said they are seeing more sales and revenue from their partner [affiliate] programs."

- Partnerize

Beyond Vanity Metrics

People like to measure numbers that sound big and make us feel good, but when it comes down to it are they contributing to conversion? The answer, in most cases, is no. Stop measuring meaningless clicks and start measuring what matters.

Data vs. Information

Collecting data doesn't matter if you don’t know what to do with it. The Affiliate Ad Network collects data with a built-in dashboards to process it into actionable information.

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Scale Your Affiliate Program

With over 10 years of experience creating tools for the world’s second largest affiliate program, we’re well-equipped to help you start or scale your affiliate program.

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