Lowers Cost &
Improves Quality

Why Most People Ignore CTAs

People don’t click ads because they’re irrelevant. Make your ads relevant and elegant by automating the process. The Affiliate Ad Network improves the affiliate experience by building relevant and elegant ads that are easy to update at scale. 

Automation for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

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How it works

Set the strategy, identify the inventory, and the ads are automatically created from templates. Then let the publishers get and place ads with a few clicks.

Continuous cycle of optimization

The Affiliate Ad Network can refine ad copy, layout, and design. And these changes can be propagated across all your ads instantly. These tweaks and improvements feed actionable insights across the entire affiliate program.

5,400 Banners

= 10 sizes X 3 channels X 3 languages
X 20 products X 3 variants

Stop Building Thousands of Ad Units

Creating one ad with three creative variants quickly sucks up valuable time and money, and rarely provides a decent ROI. The time between production, distribution, and results turns into weeks and months.

So, when it’s time to optimize the content, the season is already over, the sale is finished, and the results can barely justify the spend.

Fast and Easy Optimization

The Affiliate Ad Network allows your creative team to focus on what’s important: creating on-brand, quality templates. Our tools use those templates to build relevant ads that are easy to update instantly and at scale.

Focus on The Important Stuff

The Affiliate Ad Network is the catalyst that allows your team to focus on what’s important: creating quality content. Our platform handles the entire ad-building process, producing high-quality ads that never get out of date. Focus your team on conversion, not vanity metrics.

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Start building relevant ads today.

With over 10 years of experience creating tools for the world’s second largest affiliate program, we’re well-equipped to help you start or scale your affiliate program.

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