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for affiliate marketing

Streamline affiliate link production, keep links current, and improve link performance with Link Builder. Affiliates can now generate links that can be used across websites, in apps, and on social media with the affiliate’s attribution codes.

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Links should be simple

Without constant maintenance, affiliate links can lead to outdated deals. The Link Builder Tool generates fully localized, trackable links. Our tool incorporates automation and analytics to quickly test and optimize links, so links are always relevant. 


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Drive more engagement & traffic

Your team determines campaign schedules and creates templates, uploads assets, and connects data feeds. Affiliate Ads are built from those templates and optimized across the network on affiliates sites.

Ready to convert

Link Builder uses automation to create a continuous cycle of link production, placement, and optimization based on a brand’s strategy, available templates, and inventory.

Each cycle refines link placement, so they are optimized at scale in real time, which means links are always current.


Connect data and media

Store, sort, and access all data from one platform, keeping images and brand assets in sync across campaigns with automatic updates.

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