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Widgets provide interactive experiences that play music, show flights, display products, showcase events, and more.

Which means users can preview songs, explore apps, find flights, and view product pricing and availability—all before leaving the site to complete their purchase.  

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Create interactive experiences

A self-service library of branded assets

Widget allows affiliates to generate localized, responsive, branded experiences that are fully trackable, such as product search and carousel widgets.

Provide rich information and experiences

These interactive ads allow users to search, select, and see product pricing and availability in real time.


Automation keeps widgets relevant

Widgets are connected to the product information, keeping them up to date, which means they are always relevant and more likely to convert.

Always on-brand

Never worry about seeing an off-brand widget in the wild again. Your team provides the creative, on-brand templates, and The Widget Builder Tool builds quality widgets.

Fully localized

Context matters. That's why our tools create fully localized ads, so that the language, season, and even time of day informs the content displayed in your ads.


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Drive more engagement & traffic

Your team determines campaign schedules and creates templates, uploads assets, and connects data feeds. Affiliate Ads are built from those templates and optimized across the network on affiliates sites.

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