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Overview: Create a startup-sized, scalable MarTech and Sales Solution

Stori Coffee, a new startup with several wholesale accounts, wanted to create a direct-to-consumer channel via an e-commerce store, with the ability to scale and expand to Amazon.

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Challenge: Implement the necessary tools and architect for the future.

As a small startup, Stori only needed a small subset of tools to use today, but like most companies, desired a scalable solution that would grow with the company to support both their direct-to-consumer and wholesale accounts.


“Assemble has been a great technology partner. Helping us optimize the tools we have while planning for the technology we need in the future. As a small team, they help us operate as a big team”

- Arthur, Co-Founder of Stori Coffee

Stori Coffee - From the Farmer

Approach: Build a scalable solution

Assemble worked alongside the Stori Coffee team to help architect a unique sitemap. It was very important to find and connect the right apps for the tech stack to optimize sales and marketing channels. Assemble connected HubSpot to Shopify, which allowed Stori to upload their current email and customer lists and send out segmented marketing emails. The team also connected Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so it was easy for Stori to add and manage marketing pixels, both now and in the future. And lastly, upgraded their universal analytics account to the new GA4.

Solution: A scalable MarTech and Sales Solution

Assemble helped the Stori Coffee team create a Shopify for e-commerce with HubSpot for CDP, email automation, blog content, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager for data and marketing tags.