Growth starts
with a mature
tech stack

The right technology allows you to focus on growing instead of worrying about your technology. We’re here to help make that happen through our retail software development and engineering.
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Tech debt costs money and wastes time

Many retailers accumulate tech debt in the name of speed or growth, resulting in a set of tools that solve one problem only to cause another.

Tech debt is created when one problem is solved, but the solution creates three more.

Technology frees up time and people

When technology is not just connected but also in sync, your team can focus on growing the business instead of operating within a broken system.

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The Everyday Retail Blueprint

Growth starts with a tech stack audit and visualizing your current workflows to identify which can be supported or scaled with automation. We have found that automating six to nine key retail processes from their current to future states improves quality and reduces cost.

Development & Automation

Developing custom applications allow us to automate complex components of your workflow and integrate systems at scale. Depending on your specific technology, this can include full-stack web or mobile apps, cloud integrations and migrations, and custom API connections and integrations.

Our Retail Technical Assessment Report formalizes recommendations for creating, improving, or repairing your retail tech stack.

The process

Identifying the biggest technology opportunities for retailers starts by visualizing your unique business processes, customer issues, and engineering problems. 

The final deliverable produced by our tech stack audit is a personalized blueprint that's based on your goals, enabling you to grow your business without interrupting current operations.


Through a series of interviews, workshops, and questionnaires, we create a list of your current and potential tools, functions, and goals.

  • One-on-one interviews with stakeholders
  • Questionnaires
  • Workshops to diagram key business processes


Next, we create alignment by visualizing your complex system. Once all of the stakeholders can see the challenges and potential in the same way, we can start to solve the right problems. 

  • A visual diagram of current and proposed workflows and use cases


Finally, we utilize our retail software development experience to produce a retail tech vision plan for the next five years. This plan includes technical recommendations for connecting the critical people, process, tools, and data within your organization.

  • A five-year plan for technology architecture
  • Relevant retail and technology trends  

Our blueprint recommends the integrations and tools needed both now and in the future, based on their business impact.

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Whether you're struggling to provide the ideal customer experience or are looking to the future to find ways to grow with scalable solutions, contact us to see if the Everyday Blueprint is right for you. 


For retailers who want to grow their business without becoming software developers, we created resources to help you grow your business 365 days a year.