Fix One bug
for $1,500

Book a no-obligation discovery call with a tier three support engineer to fix one issue on Shopify.


Bugs get complex

High growth and siloed tools causes persistent bugs because they hide between systems.

  • Theme and plugin compatibility issues
  • Missed API connections
  • Automation misfires
  • Site speed

Most support is generic

Forms and support chats across multiple platforms offer vague solutions and often developers charge just to assess the problem.

ShopifySOS is on-demand
tier three support
for e-commerce stores

Created for high growth retailers whose technology can't keep up with their growth.

Our engineers fix the bugs that allows retailers to keep growing.

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Experts that move as fast as you do

Direct access to an engineer and analyst for a fixed fee and time, which saves everyone time finding the bug and a developer to fix it.

Engineering is the difference

Our team has a deep understanding of the underlying technology, tools, and extensive experience in troubleshooting.

Deploy what you desire, not what was designed

Our tier three engineers specialize in architecture, meaning they focus on how things should work and are not limited to how things can work.



This one- to two-week process can move as fast as you'd like.
We will deploy the fix to your staging server so your team can deploy when ready.

Step 1: Describe the bug

Starting with the impact on the business tell us how you'd like the technology to be working.

For example; Shopping cart does not show on mobile. Or add to cart button on product pages are not clickable.

Book a Discovery Call

Step 2: Discovery call

We will review the bug with you to identify the source of the problem. Then we can schedule the fix.

If we can, we will provide a hot patch that keeps the business moving till a formal solution can be deployed.

Step 3: Implement fix

Then we will start fixing and testing the bug in a staging environment within a week.

The Bug Report includes any issues we fixed and found along with a proposal with our recommendations.

No fix.
No fee.

Which persistent development issue can we help with?

For $1,500 and within two weeks, our team will provide a fix or hot patch. If the fix can’t be completed, then no fee is charged.

To get started book a discovery call.