Boost affiliate marketing ROI

Affiliate marketing software gives publishers access to ads that increase conversions and provide impression data to the brands.

Starting scaling your affiliate program

Finally, tools for affiliate marketers


Affiliate campaigns require tons of ads

Brands simply can't supply enough relevant assets to all their affiliates with their current tools and templates. And even if they could, these static ads can't be optimized once launched.

Technology gap for affiliate programs

Till now it's been a manual process to protect the brand and leverage affiliate marketing. So, programs are hard to grow and have high production costs.

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The first programmatic ad network built for affiliates

Through our affiliate marketing services, brands can grow revenue and reduce program costs by managing campaigns and controlling all ads in the wild and collecting analytics from across the whole network.

Help brands and publishers increase conversions

Brands are able to build and distribute more of the right ads quicker.

Make it easy for publishers to promote a brand

Publishers access an on-demand library of ads that are brand-safe and fit a publisher's site.

Better reporting through impression and click data

Use the affiliate marketing network software to view impression, click, and conversion data from each ad and publisher.


Tools for affiliates

Conversion growth and cost savings


Gain in trial subscriptions


Production designers moved to other teams

The Affiliate Ad Network gives brands full control and maximum performance of affiliate programs by created a powerful programmatic ad network.

  • Brand control
  • Ad creation efficiency
  • Ad replacement durability & quality
  • Campaign management
  • Impression level data

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