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Affiliate marketing works. It's one of the fastest growing marketing channels. But creating relevant affiliate ads is not easy. Many ads are off-brand, outdated, or expensive to maintain because affiliates have limited access to tools.

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Three things that keep Affiliate Programs from growing


Generic Creative

Affiliate ads are created once or twice a year for brand, product, and event campaigns, but rarely for the long-tail products.

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No Brand Standards

There is no central platform or network for affiliate ad production and placement. So ad inventory is wasted or underutilized.

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Limited Data

Static ads do not capture impression data, which is critical in measuring creative performance and attribution.

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Built for Affiliate marketers

Spend less time making ads, and more time creating content.

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Reducing the time and money spent on affiliate ad production, placement, and maintenance.

Brand Connects

  • Automaically creates ads
  • Customize headlines and themes
  • Connects to storefront and provider

Publisher Selects

Based on your templates publishers can configure ads size, campaigns for their website.

Network Builds

Automation is the cost effective way to make the ads and variations needed for affiliate marketing. And because ads are on a network, critical impression data can optimize future ads.
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Improving customer experience and driving more traffic to the websites with brand safe ads.

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Optimizing the whole network with impression and attribution data for each ad.

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Affiliate Ad Network

Helping brands make, replace, and measure ad performance.