Seamless omnichannel experiences are now table stakes for retailers. As costs and competition rise, Retail Tech helps teams overcome complex challenges and provides scalability for growth.

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The retail ecosystem

Successful retailers not only provide products and services to customers, they work across multiple continents and companies to source, manufacture, curate, deliver, and service their offering to customers. While it looks simple on the surface, keeping everything in sync requires many people and processes to continue moving smoothly at scale.

How it works

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How it looks

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Customer experience

Focusing on getting and keeping customers by anticipating, meeting, and exceeding customer expectations and needs.

Supply chain

Delivering what is sold on time and at a profit by streamlining global supply chains to ensure that customers get what they want when they want it.

Business intelligence 

Far more than just accounting—also tracking expenses, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, cost of goods sold, and net income.

All three core processes are critical to scale. Since each has its own processes and data, it's hard to keep them all connected and in sync.

Interest into Orders

Connecting advertising, marketing, sales, and service—to create frictionless commerce—so that customer experiences are so good, current customers tell their friends.

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Orders into Cash

Delivering what is sold on time and at a profit. Sourcing raw materials, manufacturing goods, and maintaining inventory to fulfill orders so that customer expectations are met.
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CASH into Growth

Protecting margins squeezed by competitors and market forces, while reporting data from across the business, to drive continuous improvement.

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Keeping business processes connected and in sync

Once connected, businesses have the data that they need to drive operational efficiency and the analytics that they need to predict and forecast. 

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